Monday, September 27, 2010


I don't know how to start and I don't know whats the best way to say this.

Something I've wished so much for, something I tried so hard for, something that was so near yet so far, something that felt SO far out of reach..............
Its IN MY HANDS now.

hahaha pardon the exaggeration and drama-ness, but its the sort of wacky exhilaration i felt running through my whole body , IN WAVES, after the first news, 2nd news, third news and finally the ULTIMATE NEWS.

My dream of travel-ling as a career,
my dream of an un-typical and challenging career and a totally Fast-paced lifestyle which is nothing near to MUNDANE or routined ,IS WHAT IVE finally Gotten after all this while of what i thought was hopeful wishing!!!
I am so thankful for this opportunity and chance at this particular path in life and I am glad I did not give up after that couple of setbacks I'd faced initially!

Training starts in less than a weeks time and I could most possibly start flying by year end !
THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT to myself ever ((:
Im so excited and until now , everything feels just like a dream. so unreal and unbelievable. hahaha
It has already made me feel near-tearsofjoy!

Officially my last day of work at Emitasia on wednesday, the company I am working for , where I enjoyed and did well in my first month and didn't even got a chance to talk about the company more and Im leaving already. for the better that is :D
just when Ive gotten closer to my colleagues, more accustomed to the environment, its time to say goodbye.
Thats life eh? unexpected and full of surprises :)

Made Strawberry Jelly Cheese cake for my colleagues as a farewell gift,
Non-bake strawberry cheese cake, its as good or maybe better than Bakerzin's !! haahaha


just days earlier, I'd attended my Convocation!
honestly the only thing enjoyable was the picture taking with friends...!

Goodbye thought-less snackings,
late night suppers,
over eating,
flip flops
tee shirts
makeup free face,
and messy hair.

Hello strict diet,
healthy food,
thick make up :(
and gel-ed up hair,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Yay! a step closer to being's ultimate hawker...

Can you spot me?
3rd person from the right! HAHA

Here's what's happening : started the search for the ultimate hawker food lover in July. From 320 entries, they selected 20 of the most suitable candidates.

To provide the candidates with tips on good food photography and blogging, they invited Dr Leslie Tay, owner of ieatishootipost to conduct a sharing session at Si Chuan Do Hua Restaurant on 31 July.

The 13 of us ,Hawker Food Lover candidates who turned up that day were treated to a feast of delicious DIM SUM at the restaurant! ( and if you've read my previous post, yes, I was one of the lucky ones who got through to this "2nd round" where we had to Eat, shoot and post our review of the restaurant here!)

After all, the stakes are high—as the sole winner will walk away with a Canon EOS550D DSLR camera and a six-month gig to review hawker food with a monthly salary of $1000.

"The difference between a foodie and a non-foodie is an extra step before eating; snapping a good shot" hahaha..

being all foodies, at least no explanation is needed or no sudden exclamations of "STOP! let me take a picture first!" haha

I was having qualms and second thoughts about going down that day but did eventually and im glad I did:)
I learnt alot from the talk by Dr Leslie Tay on his tips on food photography and writing a food blog and not forgetting that awesome dim sum high tea we had 60th storeys high above the ground!!

Its one week to the results where 3 of us will be selected to go on to the final round of a hawker food challenge at Old Airport Road Food centre with Leslie tay.

The determining factor? The 3 that has the highest "yes helpful" votes on their review here.

( Would you like to lend a helping "hand" ? Just visit the link, look for my review on page 2. name Fleuretc. and click "YES" hahaha. You do not need to sign up for an acct . Just use your facebook acct and follow the steps, once its done u can then vote! be sure to click yes again cos the first time doesnt count since ure not "signed in" yet )

thanks loads in advance if you do vote hahaha

I'm in it with a light heart,
if I don't win then its okay, if I do then of course it'll be great! hur hur hur...

What Ive been also busy with :

Work's so far so good and time passes duper fast! It's almost a month into the job already. Surprisingly, I'm not feeling any stress whatsoever yet as with all other sales job.

One thing i like about this job is the Cash incentives they have on and off at work, a weekly thing!
Like when you play a game
and in a stated amount of time complete this special task you gain a bonus item!
yeps. so fun. it motivates me and well, proud to say Ive manage to collect 2 week's bonuses already! woots.


A couple of major events besides the INSING.COM challenge,was the SPH ST701 new spree site.
An invitation to join their focus group on the new site , giving feed backs, learning how to operate the site as well.
But Confession: Wat I enjoyed most, honestly? was the dinner. HAHAHA. it was pretty good or maybe cos im too hungry? hah I would like to believe its the former.
Dinner for us all was a Japanese Bento set which I found out through self-discovery , it is from here :

Unfortunately, they require a pretty huge amount of orders:( more for corporate. WHY WHY WHY so unfair?!

Got to go, but jut some snippets of random stuff.
Ive been neglecting my digi cam so much and abusing my blackberry's awesome camera with a focus haha

@ a shop in Cine Top level. With a new friend, Victorian. Unique name !

@ Kbox Hougang plaza with xueli ,phoebe and kel . FINALLY! $8 karaoke again haha.

@ what i wore to work on 2 days... lol

@ Riciotti river walk with Esther. we had a romantic nice Italian dinner here and was so tempted to come because of Ladyironchef's post about it last week. their ONE for ONE pasta promotion on Wednesday was a pretty good deal.
will blog about it soon! ha i hope.